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About Nirwana Foods!
Nirwana Foods LLC was established by experienced traders with a background in the import-export of food, health and beauty products from various parts of the world. We are a manufacturer and direct importer of variety of food products such as spices, health drinks, almonds, cashews and tea.
Besides being connoisseurs in this field of work, we also maintain a health conscious thought of what our grandparents and folks of the older generations taught us about the importance of good health. Their diet habits spoke for themselves and the results of that were reflected in their health and constitution. Based on this reasoning, it made sense for us to focus on those dietary nuances and make a conscious effort to concoct and introduce a mix of the belief of the older generations of utilizing healthy ingredients and the taste buds of the modern generations. The result was the invigorating and sweet-spicy Honey Ginger Tea!