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Coriander Seeds is also known as the “Coriandrum Sativum” plant that belongs to the parsley family. The feathery leaves are refreshing, tarty, citrusy, and aromatic, while the seeds curve more towards sweet and aromatic with soft hints of citrus. When toasted, coriander seeds lend a warm, earthy-floral aroma.

Coriander seeds are the plant's dried fruit which people use in ground or whole form. These little brown balls with yellow undertones are popularly used in making both sweet and savory dishes. Coriander seeds pair beautifully with cinnamon, garlic, nutmeg, cumin, etc. 


Health Benefits

Coriander seeds come with a lot of health benefits. They contain essential oils and medicinal properties which leaves positive impact on the health. 

  • Improved skin health: Coriander seeds may help in treating skin problem such as dry skin, rashes, eczema, itchiness, inflammation, and ulcers.
  • Healthy gut health: The antioxidant properties and dietary fibers in coriander seeds may help in boosting liver functions and eliminating digestion problems which in turn promotes a healthy bowel movement.
  • Lowers cholesterol: Coriander seeds are high in antioxidants which may help in alleviating cholesterol levels. Given the diuretic nature of corianders, they may aid in accelerating the flushing out of toxins, including bad cholesterol.
  • Treats cold and cough: Coriander seeds are healthy and they contain vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps the body in many ways which may help in curing the symptoms of cold and cough.
  • Diabetes control: Coriander consumption may benefit individuals who suffer from diabetes. Coriander seeds may aid in stabilizing the blood sugar level and prevent unchecked hikes in glucose levels.
  • Treat menstrual problems: Coriander seeds are said to be effective for irregular periods owing to their emmenagogue properties. Women suffering from irregular menstrual cycles may experience a regularized monthly cycle and decrease menstrual pain upon consuming coriander seeds.

Nirwana’s Coriander Seed is of the best quality. It is sourced directly from farms and retains natural taste, flavor, and aroma. Nirwana Coriander Seed is healthy, authentic, and free of any artificial preservatives or chemicals.

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