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A beautiful shade of brown with intensely warm and earthy flavors, Nirwana Foods Ground Cumin Powder is used in various dish recipes.

Cumin is also known as “Cuminum cyminum L”. They are leafy plants that grow low to the ground. Cumin plants produce seeds that are called cumin seeds. A very popular spice all around the world. However, the popularity of cumin is not confined to their impressive culinary contribution. Cumin powder also highly appreciated for their medicinal properties. Known to contain many kinds of health benefits, cumin may help improve the immune system, enhance digestion, promote better blood circulation, etc. 

Health Benefits

  • High antioxidants: Antioxidants keep the free radicals away from attacking the healthy cells. Cumin seeds are known to contain antioxidants that may help in the promotion of good health, good skin, and good immunity against diseases.
  • Anticancer properties: Cumin may help in preventing the cancer cells from multiplying. It is known to be amongst the most powerful anti-carcinogen plants.
  • Treat diarrhea: Cumin extracts are known to be an ally of the gut system. The flavonoids, tannins, and terpenoids present in Cumin have an antidiarrheal effect which may help in stopping the increased peristaltic movement.
  • Diabetes management: Diabetic patients may benefit from cumin consumption. The compounds in cumin stimulate insulin production and decrease insulin resistance in the body. This may help in managing diabetes and keeping the sugar levels in check.
  • Fights bacteria: Consuming cumin seeds may help in fighting bacteria and parasites. Cumin is studied to be an effective larvicide and antiseptic agent. Perhaps this is why cumin seeds are also used as food
  • Anti-inflammatory property: Cumin seeds are known to have active ingredients that act as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent. Owing to this, cumin seeds may help in relieving pain or inflammation.
  • The other benefits of cumin seeds may include a lowered cholesterol level, weight loss, improved irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, healthier brain function, etc.

Nirwana’s Ground Cumin is of the best quality. It is sourced directly from farms and retains natural taste, flavor, and aroma. Nirwana Ground Cumin is healthy, authentic, and free of any artificial preservatives or chemicals.

Legal Disclaimer

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