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Tea in general is loved by so many people around the world. There are variants of tea such as green tea, black tea, chai tea, white tea, oolong tea, etc. So, what defines these different types of tea and why is green tea the most beneficial as compared to the rest?

There are two main types of tea plants both of which come from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis bush. The plant used for Green and White tea is grown majorly in China while the Oolong and Black tea plants are found mostly in India.

Of all the various tea types, Green tea holds the maximum amount of flavonoids. This is because formulating Green tea involves the least amount of oxidization process, which also makes it packed with elements beneficial for the health. 

Drinking Nirwana's Green tea during any time of the day works wonders for the body. It contains compounds like natural caffeine and L-theanine which can help in enhancing consciousness and focus. But, taking it, especially early in the morning may accelerate higher the fat burning process and prevent pulling or tearing of the muscles.

Read on to know how green tea can help the body in many ways. 

A Natural Stimulant

Green tea contains natural caffeine which makes it a great pick-me-up agent when the body needs instant refreshing. While it is a caffeinated beverage, green tea contains a significantly lesser amount of caffeine as compared to coffees. Hence, sipping green tea doesn’t threaten the sleep cycle or ability to slumber peacefully.

Maximum Nutrients 

Because of the minimal processing, green tea retains maximum nutrients. In comparison to coffee or soda, one could even argue that green teas are almost unprocessed. Green tea leaves are laid down to get soft after which they are rolled to remove the juice. This is followed by drying then, consumption. The simple process allows the leaves to retain a generous amount of phytonutrients which is beneficial for the body. 

Help Fight the Risks of Cancer

The natural cycle of cell metabolism makes the cells garner oxidative damage over the years. Green tea contains a rich amount of antioxidants called epigallocatechin gallate which helps in preventing cell damage, multiplication of damaged cells, and thereby decreasing the risks of cancer. 

Boosts Metabolism 

Green tea may help in weight loss owing to the presence of phytonutrients. Studies have found that drinking green tea can significantly reduce body weight. The caffeine compounds and also, a type of flavonoid called catechin in green tea can help speed up the metabolism. Catechin helps in breaking down excess fat and in increasing the energy of the body. 

Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels

The flavonoids in green tea are said to lower glucose production of the liver. It aids the body to regulate blood sugar more effectively thereby helping in keeping the glucose levels within a healthy range. This can also help in controlling type 2 diabetes. 


The other benefits of drinking Nirwana's Green Tea may include lowering the risks of cardiovascular disease, balancing the ratio of cholesterols, both LDL and HDL. Green tea can also boost productivity, youthfulness, and all in all, promote a healthier and longer life. 

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