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Coriander is also known as the Coriandrum Sativum plant. The feathery leaves of the plant are called cilantro which is refreshing, tart, citrusy, and aromatic. And, the seeds of the plant produced by the flowers are called coriander. They are sweet and aromatic with soft hints of citrus. Ground coriander is the ground form of coriander seeds. It has a warm and earthy-floral aroma and pairs well with cinnamon, cumin, allspice, garlic, and nutmeg.

Ground Coriander seeds Powder are used to flavor both sweet and savory dishes involving vegetables, curries, chutneys, marinades, cookies, cakes, and more. Coriander seeds also contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which provide significant health benefits.


Health Benefits

  • Coriander may aid in the treatment of skin conditions such as dry skin, rashes, eczema, itchiness, inflammation, and ulcers.
  • Coriander’s antioxidant properties and dietary fibers may aid in boosting liver functions and eliminating digestion issues, which promotes healthy bowel movement.
  • Coriander is said to be effective for irregular periods because of their emmenagogue properties. Consuming coriander seeds may help women with irregular menstrual cycles achieve a more regular monthly cycle and reduce menstrual pain.
  • Coriander are high in antioxidants, which may aid in cholesterol reduction. Corianders, due to their diuretic nature, may aid in the flushing out of toxins, including bad cholesterol.
  • Coriander are healthy and contain vitamin C, so they can be used to treat colds and coughs. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that benefits the body in a variety of ways, including alleviating cold and cough symptoms.
  • Consuming coriander may be beneficial to diabetics. Coriander seeds may help to stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent uncontrolled glucose spikes.


Nirwana’s Ground Coriander is of the best quality. It is sourced directly from farms and retains natural taste, flavor, and aroma. Nirwana Ground Coriander is healthy, authentic, and free of any artificial preservatives or chemicals.

Legal Disclaimer

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