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White poppy seeds are derived from the "Papaver Somniferum" plant which is also commonly known as the poppy plant. The scientific translation of "Papaver Somniferum" means "sleep-inducing poppy,” given the plant’s concentration of morphine. It is the same plant that put Dorothy and her gang to sleep in the famous fairy tale the wizard of oz. 

Nirwana's White poppy seeds are the milder variety of the different kinds of poppy seeds. It has a nutty, slightly citric flavor with a sweet undertone which is highly valued in the preparation of bakery treats. Toasting the seeds before using them pops open the full potential of their flavor. They are also called Indian poppy seeds due to their use as a thickening agent in Indian cuisines.

Nirwana Foods White Poppy Seeds are fresh, premium quality and add a delightful nutty crunch to your favorite dishes. The seeds come with great health benefits such as promoting digestion, treating headaches, boosting female fertility, and many more. Use our 100% organic poppy seeds as a topping for cakes, pancakes, bread, pastry, and other baked goods. 


Health Benefits 

  • The unsaturated fatty acids in white poppy seeds may lower the risks of heart attack and stroke. 
  • Poppy seeds are high in fiber which may help with treating constipation problems. 
  • The high fiber content in white poppy seeds eating helps in feeling fuller for longer and may contribute to weight loss.
  • White poppy seeds may promote sleep owing to the concentration of opioid compounds. 
  • White poppy seeds and poppyseed oil may help in improving digestion, lowering the risks of various diseases, boosting female fertility, etc.

White Poppy Seeds from Nirwana are of the best quality. It is sourced directly from organic farms and retains natural taste, flavor, and aroma. Free of artificial preservatives and chemicals, Nirwana Fennel Seeds are healthy and authentic.

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