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White Quinoa is gluten-free food with an impressive texture, flavor, and nutritional profile. It is also considered as a whole-grain carbohydrate, and at the same time, a whole protein. These seeds from the Chenopodium quinoa plant are quick to cook and comes in a variety of types, one of which is white quinoa.

White quinoa has the mildest flavor of the rest of the quinoa types. It has a light and fluffy texture which can be used in versatile ways such as grain base in salads, substituting it for rice, etc. 

Nirwana White Quinoa is a powerhouse of various vitamins and minerals. It is a certified organic product that is completely gluten-free. Our nutritious white quinoa can be used in different kinds of recipes. It is also a great superfood for losing weight as they have a low glycemic index and high fiber & protein. White Quinoa from Nirwana is certified, naturally processed, and GMO-free. It is of the highest quality and contains no artificial fillers or preservatives.


Health Benefits of White Quinoa

  • Quinoa provides a plant-based protein containing all the nine essential amino acids which makes it a healthier substitute for carbohydrate-rich rice. There are about 8g (approx) in 1 cup cooked quinoa. 
  • Quinoa is high in fiber, which helps you feel fuller for a longer time. It also supports the digestive system and regulates healthy bowel movement. 
  • Quinoa contains an abundant concentration of vitamins and minerals. The nutrient content in a cup of quinoa has 58% Manganese, 30% Magnesium, 28% Phosphorus, 19% Folate, 18% Copper, 15% Iron, 13% Zinc, 9% Potassium, and over 10% of vitamins B1, B2 & B6. 

White Quinoa from Nirwana are of the best quality. It is sourced directly from organic farms and retains natural taste, flavor, and aroma. Free of artificial preservatives and chemicals, Nirwana White Quinoa are healthy and authentic. 

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